Borefts Bier Festival 2010


Attending brewers for now: Haandbryggeriet, Marble Manchester, Struise Brouwers, Emelisse, Alvinne, Mikkeller, Midtfyns, Närke, Revelation Cat and De Molen of course.

Cost: 15 EUR (+glass + 5 coins)


[email protected]


bierkoning 9/20/2010
I can take beers with me from Berghoeve Brewery and beers from Mommeriete (Heer van Gramsbergh and Topicus Gifkikker) for in person trades @ the festival. If you are interested in a trade let me know. Local beers not known to me are welcome.
Bontus 9/7/2010
I will be there on Friday.
cgarvieuk 8/29/2010
After a lot of tooing and froing, Stella managed to get the time off, so we booked flights yesterday and will be looking forward to this.

any one going to this , that can bring Nogne Sake? This is top of my wants at the moment
jbrus 8/27/2010
Anyone who’s coming interested in a Festival trade?
Theis 8/9/2010
I just booked my plane tickets, but where do you stay/sleep ??? I am planing on finding a place in Amsterdam !!!!
DSG 8/9/2010
Just booked my flight. If anyone wants me to bring him some Israeli craft beers, let me know.
FrumptyDumpty 5/21/2010
I hope to attend thought it will depend on somethings.....
Ober 5/12/2010
The best of that enough....let's go for a little bit more....uuhhhh...a lot more...
Molenbrouwer 2/20/2010
We do what we can to make this the best in Holland
altonbrownd 2/17/2010
Already the best festival in the world this year. (No pressure, Menno.)

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