Pretty Things "Once Upon A Time: February 27th, 1832" Launch Party


Join Dann, Martha and Jim of PRETTY THINGS BEER & ALE PROJECT and the good folks of DEEP ELLUM in Alston in launching the first offering from Pretty Things’ ONCE UPON A TIME series: February 27th, 1832. Brewed from the orginal brew sheet dug up by brewing historian Ron Pattinson (, this style-defying Mild is over 10% abv and one of the most intriguingly simple beers brewer Dann Paquette has ever been involved with. Despite its simplicity the whole-leaf recipe nearly destroyed the automated workings of the brewhouse and took three days to clean up. Brewday was a complete and utter disaster.

Despite this we had a wort worth fermenting with a deep-honey colour, crystalized sugar-coloured head, substancial bitterness, apricot ester and the sort of hop character you can only get from whole leaf hops. In this case we used 4,000 pounds of Mild Ale malt and over 4 pounds per barrel of Kent Goldings.

We’ll be serving the beer from the wood by gravity (thanks to Will Meyers and CBC for their antique wooden pin) and via a beer engine from a stainless pin. Hey wise-crackers: we already checked and the invention of this device was in 1797. Not bad.

If Max Toste allows (Deep Ellums brilliant beer mind), we’ll also be serving up Dann’s archive of 1960’s British pop-psych on the stereo unit.

Cost: No entry fee/ pay per bee


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