shootout in sosco


we can start this one earlier if you fellers would like. there’s plenty of room to crash if need be... but i can’t guarantee that you’ll not be missing kidneys when you wake.

i’ve got a fresh whole striper that i’m going to be grilling up along with a bunch of other garden goodies. bring some beer but remember... no colors, hoodies, attitudes or weapons...

Cost: nada




GreatLibations 3/20/2010
I’m a Yeti. I will remain elusive.
Sparky 3/10/2010
Looking forward to it. Can't stay long but will bring a few tasty beverages in tow.
SuperDave 3/9/2010
A shootout? Should I bring firearms?
hellbilly 3/3/2010
sure, just don’t bite anyone this time.

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