Metro Detroit Tasting - March


The March tasting will be at northernbrews house in Allen Park. Send him a beermail for directions.

For those not aware of how these have been done before, everyone brings around 3 different brews (22oz or equivlant) preferrebly not stuff we can get locally and some type of food, snack, cheese, etc... We’re trying to kick up the food aspect of the tasting so if you have a cool recipe, please feel free to bring it.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Styles 3/22/2010
I don’t have time to smoke this week. So I will be bringing buffalo chicken dip or stuffed mushrooms. Pick one.
Pailhead 3/11/2010
As of now, I’ll have FW 13 and Big Sky Ivan the Terrible.

...add Goose Island Night Stalker to my list of beers.
northernbrews 3/8/2010
Derek, sounds good on the brews and the dip!..... Dave, I’ll post an updated list on the thread when it gets closer and I’m sure your chef will make something real nice;) This is shaping up to be a bad ass tasting.
dmschefke 3/4/2010
I'll have to raid my cellar, so I'll just bring something no one else lists. As for food items, I am not creative so I'll just ask my chef to think of something for me!
deyholla 3/4/2010
I'll be bringing a growler of Sun King, Oak Aged XXX from Midnight Sun and something else perhaps a Boulevard Smokestack series or a Shoreline bourbon barrel beer. I figured I'd bring my my chili cheese dip again, seemed to be a hit last time.
triptens 3/2/2010
I'm pretty sure I'll be able to come this month. I'll be bringing some Ithica LeBleu and whatever else I can get my hands on in a trade before the 27th. That ice cream sounds amazing.
punkrkr27 3/2/2010
I'll be bringing Oude Tart, Decadence 09 and Angels Share 09.

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