3rd Annual Orval Appreciation Day(s)


Embrace it. Experience it. Learn to love it. Orval it.

From the evening of the first Thursday in April to the first Friday in April. From now until The Rapture takes us all.

Cost: Free (your mind).


Orval is beer.
Thursday and Friday primarily. But
party when you can.


Borresteijn 4/1/2011
Drinking a yummie Orval right now from my stone Orval goblet to celebrate Orval appreciation day AND the purchase of a new car. Hmmmm...
bierkoning 4/1/2011
Had a rather uninspired Orval from 4 months old, that was low in aroma and a magnificent 7 years old one. The latter has thinned a bit but was still in great shape. Very aromatic and bretty and still a good hop character.
Christian 4/1/2011
Mine last night had nice funk, and I thought it had more caramel or candy sugar than I normally get. It was an 07/09/2010. Deleted my old rating and re-rated
yngwie 3/31/2011
orval in the glass now. Cheers!
thewolf 3/25/2011
starting the appreciation today...
SamGamgee99 2/28/2011
This will be my first ORval day since visiting the brewery! I actually haven't had one since that day last fall... I'll have to hit it hard.
CanIHave4Beers 4/1/2010
KAggie97 4/1/2010
What's Orval? Anyhoo, whatever it is, I'm down. And add me to the 17th Annual Orval Appreciation Day, too.
Walt 4/1/2010
Dude I'd be totally down...this is enough notice that we might could get some cheap flights too!
cquiroga 4/1/2010
I wonder what it might take to organize a group trip to the brewery for this date.

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