The date is now official. Sunday, August 8th. I have limited space of about 15 or so people, so please RSVP early. I know a few of you already did. However, please send me another BM if you RSVPíd as my inbox got flooded with trade requests and I lost a lot of my early BMs about the BBQ.

I will BM you my address once you RSVP. I donít want to post it on a forum. I live practically across the street from the Fanwood Train station (Raritan Valley Line), so Iíd encourage anyone coming to take the train. The Raritan Valley line goes to Newark and you can get to pretty much anywhere that has a train line in NJ/NYC from there.

I especially encourage the train as I will likely be sharing some Sink the Bismark during the BBQ.

Cost: Just bring beer and BBQ-able food or a giant wheel of cheese.

Also, I will expand the limit on the number of people for designated drivers for those who donít take the train. Just let me know who they are.

Iím planning on starting the tasting around 12:00 and starting the BBQ around 3:30ish.

As it gets closer, Iíll post more about what weíll be BBQing and what beers Iíll be popping open other than Bismarck.

I will be marinading some chicken in homemade BBQ sauce made with Schlenkerla smoked beer. Also, burgers, hot sausage and the usual BBQ eats.

BM me to RSVP!

Cost: Beer and Food




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