Pembury Beer Festival


Selection of beers from micro breweries: A selection of beers likely to be on during the festival appears below:

•Acorn Blonde (4.0% ABV)
•Brentwood Chocwork Orange (6.5% ABV)
•Brentwood Maple Mild (3.7% ABV)
•B&T Dragonslayer (4.5% ABV)
•B&T Midsummer Ale (3.5% ABV)
•Dark Star American Pale Ale (4.2% ABV)
•Dark Star Festival Special (5.0% ABV)
•Dark Star Sunburst (4.8% ABV)
•Green Jack Excelsior (4.0% ABV)
•Loddon Ferryman’s Gold (4.4% ABV)
•Loddon Shrimpers (4.1% ABV)
•Milton Carmina Burana (5.5% ABV)
•Milton Dionysus (3.6% ABV)
•Milton Marcus Aurelius (7.5% ABV)
•Milton Minotaur (3.3% ABV)
•Milton Pegasus (4.1% ABV)
•Milton Sparta (4.3% ABV)
•Milton Tiki (3.8% ABV)
•Moorhouses Premier (3.7% ABV)
•O’Hanlons Fire Fly (3.7% ABV)
•O’Hanlons Port Stout (4.8% ABV)
•Ossett Pale Gold (3.8% ABV)
•Potbelly Aisling (4.0% ABV)
•Potbelly Best (3.8% ABV)
•Potbelly Streaky (3.6% ABV)
•Ramsbury Chalk Stream (5.0% ABV)

Cost: Free admission


Steve Early
020 8986 8597


tdtm82 7/20/2010
Will be in London tomorrow.
reakt 7/20/2010
We need some sort of Marcus Aurelius alert for when it comes on...
ladnewton 7/19/2010
More beers than that are listed on the Pembury's own site but I reached the max character count and had to shorten the list here!

299 characters max

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