BrewDog tasting


Mikkeller Bar draws lots for the world’s strongest and most expensive beer

The event takes place on on August 26 and the beer is worth 6000 Danish kroner (around 1000 US $).

The Scottish brewery BrewDog has in the past years been getting lots of attention due to their extreme and untraditional beers , but no BrewDog beer has gotten as much publicity as the brewery’s latest fabrication, ’The End of History’.

It does not only stand out as being the most expensive and strongest beer in the world, but has also been targeted by British advocates of animal rights while applauded by beer geeks around the world, because of it’s wrapping in the furry warmth of a stuffed animal.

Only 12 bottles of this intricate beer at 55% ABV and a sum of 6000 Danish kroner are released. One of those bottles will be given away at the Mikkeller Bar on August 26 and the founder of BrewDog, James Watts, will be there and draw for a winner of the competition.

From August 1 till August 26, guests at the Mikkeller Bar will receive a ticket for every beer they buy and thereby compete in the draw for the coveted beer. And obviously - the more tickets the better your chances are to win.

In addition, James Watts will host a tasting at the bar on the same night, serving some of the brewery’s most unique beer.

BrewDog Night at the Mikkeller Bar

August 26 from 20:00 to 02:00 CET

Cost: 0


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