Jimmack ’10 Invitational


The Jimmack Invitational is back after a two year hiatus!
Hopefully this year will be as memorable as the ’05 - ’07 Invitationals. Who can forget Richlikebeer breaking his collarbone? Or FrumptyDumpty getting teabagged? Maybe you will remember getting shot with airsoft guns, or zapped with the electric flyswatter? This of course brought about the rules prohibitting MMA fighting, guns of any kind and naturally teabagging(unless of course Ryan were to miraculously show up from Denmark then he is fair game).
There will be plenty of food and if the weather allows, some quoits and ladder golf in the yard. This event is open to all, just be sure to sign up so I have an idea how many will be attending. Looking forward to hanging with some old(and new) friends!

Cost: Some beer to share


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dmac 8/15/2010
Now that I’m Ratebeer’s star4aday August 15th 2010 I will only attend the jimmack Invitational under certain conditions. My agent will be emailing out my "requests" shrotly and only after reading through the replies of the commoners will I decide

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