6th Annual Festival of Iowa Beers


Last year we had 11 Iowa craft breweries participating, 9 Iowa home brew clubs, cooking with beer demonstration and 1050 people that enjoyed it all. We hope to have an even better fifth year. Come down to the brewery and taste the best beers that Iowa has to offer and meet the brewers who make these great brews as they serve you. Live music, local food will also be part of the event! Proceeds go the the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation and Iowa Brewers Guild.
This year again we will be limiting attendance to 1200 people this year. Tickets will be available for sale the day of the event this year (unless we sale out in advance so don’t take your chances, order early!). There will be two ways to obtain tickets in advance, mail order or in person at Millstream Brewery.

Cost: $15


[email protected]
(319) 622-3672


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