Dieu du Cielís 12th anniversary party!


Dieu du ciel! will celebrate itís 12th anniversary of existence on Saturday September 11th, starting as soon as 3 PM. As usual on the menu: a very nice selection of bottle and keg aged beers, a new "12th anniversary" beer... and a few surprises!

DJ and dance from 9 PM to 3 AM.

Welcome all!

Cost: Free

mailto:[email protected]
(514) 490-9555


Hoser 9/5/2010
Give my best to the DDC gang! Maybe I will make it next year!
JulienHuxley 8/23/2010
As long as you donít fall asleep in the restroom with the door locked Iíll stay polite glouglou ;)
Glouglouburp 8/23/2010
If youíre looking for me, Iíll be the drunk one. Come say hi!

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