London Brewers Showcase


The brewers of the London Brewers Alliance will showcase their beers at Brew Wharf Upper Hall, London. At least 15 breweries are in London and this event will be their first ever collaborative event. The show aims to highlight the recent re-emergence of diverse and talented brewers, as well as the famous Fullers and Meantime brewers, within the city, and is open to both trade and consumers.

All the beer on offer will be craft brewed and includes pale ales, IPA, London porters, bitter, lager and stout. In addition, the event will see the launch of a new product, ‘London Beer Alliance’s London Porter’. This beer is based on a traditional London recipe, sourced from archive brewing journals and all the brewers will contribute towards the final product which will has been brewed at Redemption brewery in Tottenham.


Phil Lowry
[email protected]


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