Beer Geek Christmas


It is that time of year again, come and help us celebrate the holiday season. It is our way of saying Thank You to the craft beer community for supporting us and good beer throughout the year. We will have a huge one day sale along with free giveaways and a tasting of some of the best beer available in MN with some of them being paired with meats and cheeses to compliment their flavors. We will be updating the website regularly over the next few weeks with what we will have and be giving away. Hope to see you all there.
Heritage Liquor

Cost: Free


Ed Bremer
[email protected]


DalzAle 11/10/2010
Hey Levi, can I hit you up for a ride :)
MatSciGuy 11/10/2010
Taking Friday off at work so I can make it to this one!

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