Birre sotto l’albero 2010


"Beer under the tree" is back, the festival now in its fourth edition on Christmas beers. Several new entries this year, not only dedicated to the Christmas beers, but also rare Italian and foreign productions.
There will be Several Brewmasters available to listen to your questions and drink with you to the limits of drunkenness and two workshops presented by Lorenzo Kuaska Dabove (the details for reservations will be announced shortly)
Among the Italians on draught at Bir & Fud you’ll find: Del Borgo, Loverbeer, Toccalmatto,Almond 22, Bi-Du, Orso Verde Montegioco, Extraomnes, Lambrate, Lariano, Grado Plato, Amiata, Scarampola, Almond 22, Rurale, Vecchia Orsa, Pausa Cafè, Troll, Olmaia, Carrobiolo. There will be surprises with special editions that will open just for the occasion with plenty of new beers , the list is posted on


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