Pipeworks tastes City Provisions


We are very pleased to taste out some beer with our good friends at City Provisions!

This is a FREE tasting and open to all 21+ in age.

Berliner Weiss, sour mashed, lemony, tart, refreshing, 2.5% abv
Belgian Wit brewed with coriander, orange peel, and chamomile, 5.0% abv
American Wheat brewed with peachy hop notes, 5.0% abv
Smoked Porter, one of our favorites brewed w/ cherry wood smoked malt, 7.5% abv
Pastrami on Rye, an experimental Holiday ale with 11 herbs and spices, 8.5% abv
Baltic Porter, rich and malty with notes of dark fruit, 8.5% abv
Abduction Imperial Stout aged with oak and a bit of bourbon, 13% abv

Tuesday, Dec. 21st
City Provisions Delicatessen
1818 W. Wilson
Chicago, IL
Tasting from 5-7pm


Cost: FREE


[email protected]


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