Hill Farmstead Winter Gathering


Join us on February 5th from 12pm to 5pm for for a very special and limited attendance beer release and tasting. This will be a sneak preview of our new retail pub/barrel aging space.
There are 50 tickets, only, due to limited space.
Presale Only. 50$ per ticket. Please email us for ticket specifics...
Includes in price: Catered food, bottle of a barrel aged Saison to take home, and our new glassware (if it arrives from Belgium in time...).
This is also the release of our two new saisons: Flora and Phenomenology of Spirit.
Draft selections are pay as you go (and affordable)... and likely to include:
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel
Mikkeller Beer Geek Bacon
Amager Rye Porter
Nogne Ø Imperial Stout
Grassroots/Mikkeller Limoncello
Cantillon Fou Foune
Hill Farmstead Flora
Hill Farmstead Abner
Hill Farmstead Iced Coffee Stout
Lawson’s Finest Double Sunshine
Alchemist Petit Mutant
Half Acre Daisy Cutter
Ballast Point Sculpin
Cigar City Either
Cigar City Or
Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo Especial

More to come, of course, including some bottles...

Cost: 50$

[email protected]


TaktikMTL 1/13/2011
Hehehe Fred. We are 10 from Montreal to go there. The limit it's 50 places. 20% of the crowd will be from Montreal.
Fred82 1/11/2011
I really think we should ask Shaun to do this in Montreal ! It would make a lot more sense ;)

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