Dark Lord Day 2011


Dark Lord Day 2011 takes place on Sat, April 30th.

Dark Lord Day is the only day of the year to buy Three Floyds Dark Lord Russian Imperial stout. DLD is a festival where participants can meet other beer enthusiasts, sample beers from all over the world, buy Dark Lord, try Oak Aged Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout, eat BBQ, listen to live music, and generally have a great time.


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DrnkMcDermott 4/29/2011
I should have a T-shirt with one of my homebrew labels on the front, and a video camera.
TheGuy 4/16/2011
Never mind
phaleslu 4/15/2011
Is there a way to add someone else's name to an event? I want to show everyone that RapeBeer is coming.
TheAlum 2/15/2011

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