"Imminent Liquidation" - Central PA Bottle Share


Just us for the inaugural Central PA Bottle Share Event. The event, dubbed "Imminent Liquidation," will allow craft beer enthusiasts to dust off and bring rarities from their cellars and share. Never fear, if you don’t have any rare beers, feel free to bring a favorite from your fridge. It doesn’t have to be a white whale or an uber-expensive corked and caged, hand numbered, limited edition, once-and-done batch. Just bring some good beer to share with everyone!

While there is no admission cost, participants will be required to purchase a $10 gift card, which can be used at The General Sutter Inn or Bulls Head Public House for food, drink or other merchandise. Food will be available via Bulls Head’s Pub Fare menu, and will be pay as you go. You are not required to buy food at the event, so you can use your card at a later date or even give it away!

All participants will be required to wear nametags, which will be available at the greeting table. Participants will also receive one FREE raffle ticket upon entry. Please note that raffle tickets will NOT be available for purchase, and each participant will receive only one. ALSO, PLEASE PLAN ON BRINGING YOUR OWN TASTING GLASS.

Imminent Liquidation is sponsored by The General Sutter Inn and Bulls Head Public House in conjunction with The Pour Travelers beer blog (www.ffejherb.blogspot.com).

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