RBESG 2011


London has emerged as a dynamic beer city with much to offer by way of diverse beers and gastronomic delights. We invite you to come along and enjoy the gathering in the surrounds of historic pubs bursting with character and charm, as well as modern beer bars showcasing the joys of draught beers and glorious cask ale.

Friday - Meet and greet at The Wheatsheaf for start of crawl around Borough and beyond. Visits to Royal Oak, Market Porter, Brew Wharf, the Rake, Harp, Porterhouse. Lunch will be relaxed with plenty of choice on the market, and also have time to stock up at Utobeer. The evening will be dinner at the White Horse for their Annual American Beer Fest.

Saturday - Start at Kernel Brewery then coach to King William IV Pub for lunch. This is the brewery tap for Brodies with up to 16 casks on offer and always something new with special beers for the event. The crawl will move onto Southampton Arms, Bree Louise, Euston Tap and finish the night at Craft Beer Co. Once again there will be many new beers released for the event.

Sunday will be a relaxed afternoon with a beer tasting and food pairing at Dean Swift. There will be new beers on offer as well as fantastic food options throughout the Tasting. The focus will ultimately be on quality rather than an epic beer tasting so everyone bring a couple bottles of something special as will be the theme for this one.

Cost: TBC


Nate Ross (nate2g), Tom
[email protected], [email protected]
tom - 07917816133


Fin 8/1/2011
Friday at The White Horse is the only part of this that we're able to attend.
nate2g 7/7/2011
Yes Lee, Craft is a definite look-in!
ladnewton 7/2/2011
Yes, Fri or Sat. Will CRAFT get a look-in?
Phil 3/2/2011
yes. Friday, if poss.
FatPhil 3/1/2011
Estonian posse in da house! - but in search of floorspace for 2.
joes 3/1/2011
Friday only (unfortunately ...)

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