We Love Real Beer


We Love Real Beer is an initiative dedicated to promoting a community of Real Beer Lovers.

The We Love Real Beer initiative was born, in part, out of passion in part, out of frustration.

Passion for real, naturally brewed beers, made with care by small, independent brewers. Frustration that the lack of access to Real Beer options for beer lovers, in a market that is awash with the bland, sterile, mass-produced and altered, industrial beers of the mega-producers.

Real Beer, produced by craftsmen, in limited quantities without compromise, is the right of all who enjoy that delicate balance of bitter and sweet. From the dyed-in-the-wool ale aficionado, to the foodie and the critic, to the home-brewer and the person looking to quench that sunny Saturday thirst. We Love Real Beer believes that it is our right to have access to this product, and aims to put Real Beer in the hands of all South Africans.

Through the We Love Real Beer initiative, breweries, importers, distributors, restaurants, bars and retailers can proudly stand together to further the growth of real, naturally crafted beers.

Cost: R30


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