Zwanze Day 2011


At exactly 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 17, ChurchKey will join only 19 other establishments worldwide in a global and simultaneous tapping of a single keg of Cantillon’s ever-elusive Zwanze Vintage 2011!

Cantillon is the most experimental of the very few remaining Belgian Lambic producers and this has been further evidenced by the launching of the innovative and boundary-pushing Zwanze-named Lambics, began in 2008. Each year’s Zwanze is a completely different collaborative recipe.

Jean has selected ChurchKey among the 20 bars, restaurants, brewpubs and bottle shops around the world to serve the limited amount of Zwanze 2011 kegs made available this year. You do NOT want to miss this! For good measure, beginning also at 3 pm, we will be serving Cantillon Iris on DRAFT as well.

Details: Zwanze 2011 keg will be tapped at precisely at 3 PM, but ChurchKey will open at 12 Noon. No admission fee for the event, and Zwanze will be priced individually in full glass pours and in 4 oz. tasters.

Cost: Free

Cost: Free

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