XII Día de la Sidra en Escalante


Saturday, July 30, 2011, 11:00

The officials of the Association of pomological Escalante, we have provided the list of participating wineries, safe to be any last minute change:
From France: Jouve (Britain), Le Maitre (Britain), Pomme Juice (UK) and Chopinondó (Vasque Country)
De Galicia : A Estrada (A Coruña) and Manzanova (Chant).
De Castilla: The sanabresa (Zamora), Lagar de Gredos (Avila)
From the Basque Country: Irigoien (Astigarraga), Saizen (Usurbil) Zabala (Aduna) Astiazarán (Zubieta )
De Asturias: Cabanon (Llanes) Trabanco (Gijón), Huerca (Gijón), Largayón (Nava), Fanjul (Tiñana), Menendez (Gijón) and Cabueñes (Gijón), Vallina (Villaviciosa)
De Cantabria Repinalda (Villanueva de Villaescusa) and The Ojáncano of Peñacabarga (The Brotherhood)
Escalante: Villa de Escalante, Mill Lock, Virgen de la Cama, Tithing, and Gispias Trastolillos.

There will be two tastings, morning 12 to 2.30 and in the evening from 7 to 10 or until no cider in the press. There will also be folk performances varied. It is undoubtedly one of the major festive events of Cantabria.

Cost: 4 euro

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