10 years of 2Pac


Nearly ten years ago a gentleman from Newcastle Australia signed up for an account on Ratebeer.com. He did precious little with this account in his first four months as a member. Then on January 20th 2002 he logged in to post one of the finest collections of ratings the website has ever seen. These ratings displayed a eloquence of word choice coupled with a stunning brevity that has held the website captive ever since.
Taking his online moniker from rapper Tupac Shakur the user known as 2pac has become as legendary in the scope of this website as his namesake has within the world of rap music.
Today we celebrate a decade since 2pac decided reveal his majesty to us. I’ll be having a tasting somewhere in Des Moines, but my hope is that we can get celebratory tastings going through out the world in his honor. Of course Australian swill and wood chopping will not be optional.

Cost: just your wits




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