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Focus on the Beer, the Pikes Peak Region beer blog, is proud to present to you Meet the Brewer Night with Chad Yakobson, the owner and brewer for one of Colorado’s newest breweries, Crooked Stave. The event will take place on Oct 22nd. This will be the first time that any of Crooked Stave’s finished beers will be available in Colorado Springs, and it will signal a new era where these beers and more to come will be available in our best local pubs and at Coaltrain’s. Focus on the Beer has mentioned Chad numerous times on the blog and has been really excited about his beer since we first heard about what he was doing nearly a year ago, so it is only fitting that he be involved in our first Meet the Brewer event. All of Crooked Stave’s beers are aged on oak and many are soured, often using various strains of Brettanomyces. There will be a number of different specialty beers for purchase at Another Pint/A Second Cup, both in bottles and on draft. Chad will give a talk about his beers and the unique things he’s doing at his brewery, and he will be available to chat with you if you want to ask him any questions or make small talk.

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