MN Gathering @ Skyview V


Our fifth Minnesota craft beer get together for 2011: Contact me for directions.

Confirmed beers:

Amager Hr. Frederiksen (Portvinslagret)
Carlton Sheaf Stout
Hinterland Luna Coffee Stout
Laughing Dog The Dogfather Imperial Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged
Lost Abbey 10 Commandments
New Glarus Black Top
New Glarus Laughing Fox
New Glarus R&D Bourbon Barrel Kriek
New Glarus R&D Gueuze
New Glarus Thumbprint Chocolate Abbey
Prinzenbräu Alt (Liechtenstein tick)
Prinzenbräu Weizen (Liechtenstein tick)
Southampton Imperial Russian Stout
Stillwater Autumnal
Trafalgar Smoked Oatmeal Stout
Williamsburg AleWerks Cafe Royale

Cost: It’s still a beer or two


Bob Pirie
[email protected]
651 226-9551


BVery 11/9/2011
Looks like there’s several people that are missing North Dakota and/or South Dakota ticks - we can take care of that. In addition to what’s on the list above, I’ll also bring Maple River Winery Honey Apple Wine; Crow Peak 11th Hour IPA & Pile ODirt Porter.
JK 11/3/2011
I will have Italian, French, and Turkish beers, as well as the new Trappist beer, Mont des Cats.

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