Date is Thursday May 10th 2012 - the day before CBC!
Open between 16.00 - 24.00 at Refshalevej 163A, 1432 Copenhagen K.
Exclusive 3 course dinner by the amazing people of Mmm - zonen for madkultur.
Limited to 250 tickets for sale.
500 Dkr (+20 Dkr fee) for entrance, including Dinner.
Beers to be bought at the event at reasonable prices.
And the beers........
The sour goes to 3 Fonteinen.
Exclusive bottled 4 years old straight Lambic - we bought the last kegs that was left of what
Armand brewed himself, he bottle it for us! The first bottled unblended Lambic from 3 Fonteinen.
Armand Debelder + Tomme Arthur blend - the results of a fun day a 3 Fonteinen + 4 year old
Boon Lambic and Armands own Lambic from 2008.
There will be bottles of Millenium and Malvasia Rosso.
And for the first time since 1999, the highly demanded Framboos made in collaboration with
Some of the above are extremely limited blends, done in collaboration with Drikkeriget and will
most likely only be available at Sour & Bitter.
The bitter goes to Pizza Port.
Winner of the "Brewpub of the year" award at GABF the last many many years!
There will be a collected bitter excellent excellencies from all 4 locations.
15-20 different taps, in a beautiful mix of black, white, red and brown.
They will come up with some gooood stuff (as always!!)
If the above is not enough there will also be a sample table serving rare, rare, rare special
releases from The Bruery and very limited Lost Abbey sours in different vintages – sold by the
Tickets are for sale NOW, send an email to [email protected] we will let you know how
you get yours!

Cost: TBA


[email protected]


henrikb 5/8/2012
We just received the bottle count as well of the Framboos and there are more bottles then expected at first. We still dont know the price but ther will be 3 bottles of Framboos to-go for each person.

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