Laurel IPA Project (Beachwood)


Nobody likes to brew alone, and Rodger (of Triple Rock) is no exception. He is already hatching his next big collab, this time Julian Shrago, the Brewermaster at Long Beach’s Beachwood BBQ to make Shrago’s excellent IPA from his homebrew days, the Laurel IPA.

Now, those of you who hang around here often have probably seen the Laurel IPA on our taps before. Yes, Rodger and Julian have come together on this beer at Triple Rock a couple times in the past, but for this time around, they’re doing it up all the way. This time, they will be brewing the Laurel IPA at both Triple Rock and Beachwood BBQ. Then on December 22, Julian will personally bring his Beachwood version to Triple Rock and Rodger will grab a few kegs of the T-Rock version to chaffeur down to Beachwood BBQ for a simultaneous side-by-side tasting at both locations.

Oh, but the collaboration does not stop there. As an homage to the beer’s origin as one of Julian’s homebrew recipes, Julian and Rodger would like to invite all you basement brewmasters out there a chance to make the beer too.

On the website is Julian’s recipe for a 5 gallon homebrew batch of the Laurel IPA, and the guys hope you will brew it up and bring down a bottle to Triple Rock and Beachwood BBQ in Long Beach to taste alongside Rodger and Julian’s brews.

Cost: Free Entry




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