Orval Mass online tasting


Monthly mass online tasting of the selected beer , by the UK crowd(and wider), comments in the UK(English) forum Thread.

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IrishBoy 1/19/2012
Another "High Noon" tasting here in CA. I need to dig up a bottle of Orval! My son brought me a couple of bottles today and gave me a gift of an Orval chalice so I have the proper glassware and will not have to use a St Bernardus one.
MaartenRF10 1/17/2012
Not my favorite, but let's just try it again...
FatPhil 1/16/2012
My 'cellar' indicates Anna and I will partake in both a 2011/08 and a 2009/09, being our youngest and oldest.
tderoeck 1/6/2012
I drink Orval almost every week, after choir rehearsal. But that won't stop me from having another one. Count me in! ;-)
SudsMcDuff 1/5/2012
orval is beer!
jonas 12/15/2011
The way you participate is by sending me a bottle of Orval ;-)
dynamiteninja 12/14/2011
Available at all specialist beer shops. A classic.
Scopey 12/14/2011
Any excuse for an orval.

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