Churchillís Renaissance 2012


Churchillís annual Anniversary Renaissance Fest with 40+ rare and barrel aged beers. We will also be selling bottles of our highly sought after Churchillís Finest Hour 2012 blend, which is brewed and barrel aged by Lost Abbey. Bottles purchased on this day only can be taken home with you. In addition to the bottle release we will be tapping the long awaited Pliny the Younger! We strongly suggest that you get here early if you wish to get a glass of this beer. Other awesome beers on tap include 120 Minute, Le Terroir, Dissident, Abacus, Parabola, Black Xantus, Abyss, Black Butte XXI (21), Consecration batch #2, Supplication, Damnation batch 23, Cuir, Bruery batch #300, Rodenbach Vintage 2008, Stoic, Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti, NC Bourbon Barrel Grand Cru, Angelís Share, Red Poppy, Ad-Lib, plus many more awesome beers and some extra rare surprises! Donít miss out on one of the best SD beer events of the year.

(760) 471-8773


Lagunitasfan 2/29/2012
Damn damn damn damn damn. Canít go. Damn.

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