Belgian Beer Night [Global Beer Network] at DeCicco’s (Brewster)


Do you like beer? Then you probably know that we have Belgium to thank for a lot of the great beers that we drink today, weather it was inspiration, brewing technique, or something else, there is no denying the major influence Belgian brewers have had on the beer we drink today. This Friday night we will be honoring these great Belgian brewers by hosting our first ever 100% Belgian Beer night. All 12 of our taps will be graced by the presence of some truly awesome Belgian beers.
Out of all 12 of the beers we will have on, there is one in particular that stands out. Its name is ‘Klokke Roeland’. This beer was brewed exclusively for "Het Waterhuis aan de Bierkant" a beer bar in Gent, Belgium by the brewers at Van Steenberge. For quite some time this beer was only available exclusively at this one bar. A very small quantity of barrels made their way to the US and for the first time ever one keg of this beer has made its way to New York. This Friday night at 5PM we will be serving this beer. This will be the first time this beer has ever been served in New York and will truly be a once in a lifetime opportunity to try what will surely be an amazing beer that is extremely rare.
We look forward to seeing you this Friday. Bring your friends for some great beers, great people and Belgian waffles!
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