Brooklyn Brewery Ghost Bottle Night @ Blue Ribbon


At Brooklyn Brewery we make many beers that are unseen. Some are experimental. Some we make just for ourselves. In fact, some are so rare, and we like them so much, that we can’t bear to sell them. However, for one hour, on Ghost Bottle Night, the unseen become visible, and even tastable. Join the Brooklyn Brewing Team at 6:45 pm sharp on Tuesday, January 17th at Blue Ribbon Bakery, 35 Downing Street (corner of Bedford) and taste these rare beers with us. Check out the tasty stuff coming out of NYC’s only wood-fired oven – Blue Ribbon Bakery is pretty handy with grain and yeast too. No waiting on line, no handing over scads of cash – just a bunch of brewers pouring you some of our favorite stash. Just be a scintillating conversationalist and we’ll be glad to see you. Be on time – at 7:45 pm, Ghost Bottle Night will vanish as suddenly as it appeared.

+ Radius (bottle-conditioned version)
+ Cuvee de la Crochet Rouge Rosé
+ The Companion (bottle-conditioned version)
+ Black Ops Late Bottled Vintage 2007

Cost: FREE

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