Centennial Beer Festival


Brewmaster Dinner
Friday Night – Jan 27th
6-9pm $64 plus tax*

Your evening includes service, five course meal and beer pairings presented by Executive Chef Tony Cole of Moulin Events and Brewmaster Florian Kuplent of Urban Chestnut.

Beer Festival
Saturday – Jan 28th
2-5pm $25 advance*
$30 after 1/13

6-9pm $35 advance*
$40 after 1/13

Mark your calendar and join us at the ever expanding weekend dedicated to all that we love about beer. There is something for every guest, whether a novice or aficionado you are sure to enjoy the event.

VIP Tasting Room
Saturday Night – Jan 28th
evening $10

You have probably noticed that there are more and more ultra-premium beers hitting the market and for the price of a couple of bottles, you can sample some of the brewers’ best.

Cost: $25+

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jckp64 1/9/2012
yeah. There's really nothing too special that pops up. I only go because I have to work
phaleslu 1/9/2012
Anyone go to this last year? Is it worth it?

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