Urban Chestnut Wolpertinger


Event Overview: As a birthday present to ourselves, Urban Chestnut Brewing Company- UCBC, proudly announces “Wolpertinger 2012”- a celebration of the spirit of craft beer and community. This soon-to-be (in about one year) annual festival will be a gathering of St. Louis area craft brewers, each featuring some of their special creations. Mostly though, it’ll be a party honoring the St. Louis craft beer scene with UCBC sprinkling in a little birthday fun, aka “Wolpertinger”.

For those of you unfamiliar with the wolpertinger; it is a small (or large depending on your perspective), primarily nocturnal mammal that inhabits the alpine forests of Bavaria. It is quite rare, but we’ve managed to work with of our hop growers in Hallertau and they’ve helped us to ‘import’ one of the little fellas for the special occasion. Being nocturnal, “Wolpie” will be making his grand appearance at the back end of the festival, which will coincide with our very limited release of his UCBC namesake “Wolpertinger 2012”, which we intimately refer to as Winged Nut on Acid, a 9.0% ABV, chestnut ale aged on Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels.

More: http://urbanchestnut.com/blog/?p=681

Cost: $30



seymour 2/3/2012
Cool, vyvvy! You'll get to meet Greg. We'll do our best, Peter. I am, after all, a guest of honor (couldn't help bragging): http://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/dining/bars-and-clubs-other/hip-hops/wolpertinger-winners-would-whip-up-wild-beers/article_9d814548-4396-11e1-996f-001a4bcf6878.html
phaleslu 1/31/2012
So bummed I have to miss this. Somebody swipe me some barrel aged Winged Nut!

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