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Please join us Tuesday, January 31st at Sublime Ale House for our beer pairing with Avery Brewing from Boulder, Colorado. The event will feature a three-course price fixe meal with dishes expressly prepared by executive chef Chad Tanner to compliment Avery’s remarkable beers. Avery is well known for producing world-class examples of beer in a multitude of diverse styles. Also, we are honored to have brewery representative and National Sales Director, Ted Whitney, joining us for the evening to answer questions about Avery.
The Menu:
1st Course:
Yellowtail Rillete – White Rascal slow braised fresh yellowtail, cured in orange essence, served cold in a clarified butter mold, French country style – served alongside baguette crostinis, beer mustard, cornichons, and pickled vegetables.
Beer Pairing: Avery White Rascal
2nd Course:
Trio of Sliders -
Pulled pork – pickled onions, crunchy sweet potato chips and bbq sauce.
Buffalo – bacon jam, melted brie, Tsaramelized onion (cooked with Tsar Stout).
Lamb – Roasted garlic and mint hummus, tzatziki, red onion, tomato.
Served with Hop Dusted Shoe String Fries.
Beer Pairing: Avery Maharaja
3rd Course:
S’mores – Graham shortbread cookie, house made marshmallow, New World Porter infused chocolate sauce.
Beer Pairing: Avery New World Porter
The price will be $38 with beer pairing.

Cost: $38

(760) 510-9220


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