Battle of the Brewers - Challenge 2


Battle of the Brewers was created by Steve Stewart to get like minded craft brewers coming together and battling it out, creating innovative brews that would excite the taste buds of all those who drank it. The ale with the most votes by the drinking public would not only be crowned winner on the night but it will give the brewery some serious bragging rights!

Challenge one was with Williams Brothers (a 5% Summer Ale) and was such a huge success we had Harviestoun coming to us asking if they could be the next to be challenged - so of course we had to agree!

So we have challenged them to produce a Black IPA (4.8-5.2%) which is to be held in the Cask and Barrel Southside on Thursday February 2nd at 7pm. The agenda will be much the same with goodies from both Stewart Brewing and Harviestoun being given away through the night. Tickets for the event is £5 with all proceeds going to charity.

You have to buy your tickets before the event and there are only a limited number so buy now to not be disappointed! Purchase your now at, go to our online store and click on E-Tickets.

Cost: £5 (proceeds to charity)

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