NYC American Craft Beer Festival


The Hand Crafted Tasting Co. is proud to announce its inaugural NYC American Craft Beer Festival at the Lexington Ave Armory (68 Lexington Ave) in Manhattan on Saturday, March 3, 2012.

The NYC American Craft Beer festival is a true celebration of the American craft beer experience. We have invited 75 of this country’s best craft brewers to come together at one time, in one place, so you can sample a careful selection of the best seasonal brews they have to offer!

You will have two sessions to choose from and be treated to hours of quality and unique beer tasting. We will also have a food court where you will be able to purchase a selection of wonderfully prepared food that has been designed specifically to be consumed while enjoying your favorite beer.

During the event there will be many brewers and experts in attendance, all happy to speak with you while you sample their beer. Seminars will be offered for those seeking to learn more from specialized beer aficionados. There will be much ground to cover visiting all 75 brewers.

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