Summits Wayside Tavern Trappist Beer Dinner



Orval Trappist Ale 6.2% abv
Orval was the first Trappist beer to be sold nationally around Belgium.

Course One
Mussels steamed in a spicy jalapeno-tomato broth served with pomme frites and sauce

Rochefort 10 11.3 % abv
Brasserie de Rochefort

Course Two
Braised Bruxelles short ribs server over pan roasted Winter vegetables.

Chimay Blue 9.0% abv

Westmalle Dubbel 7.0% abv

Course Three
Mango Chocolate Indulgence

La Trappe Quadrupel 10% abv
Koningshoven, Holland

Cost: 59.99 per person

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