4th Borefts Beer Festival


The 4th Borefts Beer Festival will be held September 28th and 29th. Purpose of the festival is bringing special beers to a larger public and while doing so having a lot of fun.

Date September 28-29, 2012
Time 12:00 - 22:00
Location Brouwerij de Molen,
Doortocht 4 and
Overtocht 43, Bodegraven

Visit these festival pages on a regular basis as we will constantly update the info. For example: which brewers and which beers will be avaible. One thing is for sure: we will try to get the best brewers and beers for you. Of course our beer shop will be open during the whole festival.

We advice everyone to come by train. And not only because there’s too much beer to try but also the lack of parking space in the area.
For more information send an e-mail to [email protected]




NoiZe 9/19/2012
Anyone interested in an small IP trade?
kermis 9/3/2012
Happy to trade in person on either day. Drop me a message if interested :-)
andrejes 9/3/2012
IP Trade are welcom!!
77ships 8/31/2012
Also IP trades are welcome for me :)
GothGargoyle 8/29/2012
Just booked my flights - arrive Friday morning, leave Sunday morning. 9 hour flights each way!
madsberg 8/27/2012
Flight and hotel booked. See you.
theRunningBoar 8/26/2012
Anybody interested in a trade? Would like to get FT: 3F Armand + Tomme against 2x Russian River sours done. And locals against locals!
Brabander 8/22/2012
For the ones who are hoping that Narke will have some bottles in the presale before the festival starts......i had contact with one of the brewers and there won't be any bottles for sale..... Thijs
bierkoning 8/14/2012
I’ll be working @ the festival, as always. In person trades are welcomed. I have beers from Berghoeve and Ootmarsum with me.
kraddel 8/8/2012
i'll be there ! trades in person? pm me ! i canb bring any belgian currentley for sale beer, and beers i have atn home. wanna know? just ask !
Koelschtrinker 7/10/2012
This will be so crowded...
Theis 6/19/2012
Flight and Hotel booked... see you all there !!!
BelgBeerGeek 6/18/2012
Also IP trades are welcome for me :)
brokensail 5/16/2012
Anybody have suggestions as far as accommodations for the festival? Right now I'm just going off of the list of hotels provided on De Molen's website.
fonefan 4/3/2012
I will help you guys make sure Craig behave
Dedollewaitor 3/23/2012
I am sure Craig picks me again! Otherwise I would be really disappointed!
Benzai 3/14/2012
@ Craig: but with whom will you share a room this time.. ;)
cgarvieuk 3/14/2012
My flights are booked : @Benzai this time i have a cunning plan and am bringing myself a Woman

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