Craft beer tasting. 40 + different beers


Please Join us Thursday January 26th as we taste over forty craft beers in store. Assorted varieties and flavors of beer included in the tasting are from( but not limited too ):

* Dogfish Head

* Stone Brewing Co.

* 21st Amendment

* Delirium Tremens

* Boulevard Brewing Company

* Wychwood brewing Co ( Yes HobGoblin)

* All Five Mayflower Brewing Co Flavors

* 9 Berkshire Brewing Co Flavors

* Weihenstephaner

* Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale

* Explosion Brewing Co ( Czech republic )


Again we would love for anyone in the area who wants to try something new, sample something before making a purchase, or just appreciates GREAT CRAFT BEERS to join us this Thursday. We always appreciate feedback from our customers and hope you enjoy this tasting and the many more to follow.

Cost: Free


Steve or Botra
[email protected] or [email protected]
(508) 583-0174‎


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