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Special Bulletin…

Midnight Sun Brewing Company from Anchorage, Alaska is sending beer to NYC. First Stop? The Blind Tiger!

We are anxiously awaiting the shipment which we are hoping arrives sometime this weekend, and we absolutely can not wait, so we are going to have the kick-off event at the earliest possible moment.

So, with Ozzy’s permission we are having a Monday Midnight Sun Event. We will be tapping the kegs at 5PM.

As I said, we are hoping to have this event on Monday the 30th, but there’s a chance the beer won’t arrive on time, so we may have to push it to Tuesday. I guess that’s how it is when you get beer from Alaska. So, set your calendar for Monday the 30th, but check Facebook or just check in with us directly for any changes. This should be a fun one too!

The list:
Midnight Sun

Sockeye Red – 5.7% Red IPA with Centennial, Cascade & Simcoe
Panty Peeler - 8.5% Belgian Triple with coriander & Curacao
Mammoth Extra Stout -7.8%
Treat Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter -7.8%
Cohoho Imperial IPA -8% IMP IPA with Centennial, Cascade & Simcoe
Bottles: Monk’s Mistress Belgian Dark Ale -11.5% Belgian Strong Dark Ale

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