Pittsburgh Winter Tasting


There is no bottle limit on this tasting, but use your head, if you bring 10 bottles, we’re probably not going to drink them all. You guys know how this rolls. It ain’t your first rodeo.

Feel free to bring food, if you like, but I will provide light appetizers. Probably cheese, crackers, and charcuterie with chips, pretzels, and dips.

If we get to the point where we need something more substantial, I’ll make or order a pizza or something.

I live on a private drive, so parking is kind of at a premium. First couple cars can park in back of our vehicles, but if we get more than four or five cars, you’ll have to park a little further down the drive. Just make sure not to block any of the neighbors driveways and you’ll be OK.

Any questions or concerns, shoot me a private message or give me a ring.



Also, I have TONS of glasses, so no reason to bring your own.

Cost: Free


[email protected]


cheap 2/26/2012
HornyDevil's it is!
User52877 2/12/2012
So I can return my greyhound tickets?
Beerman6686 2/3/2012
Just make sure you come to the Pittsburgh tasting and not the Philly tasting. That new forum can be confusing. I'm just kidding though, I'm not a fan of the merger either.
HornyDevil 2/2/2012
Mmm . . . fresh fish.

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