Best Damn Night of the Barrels


It’s that time again!! Best Damn Night Of The Barrels hosted by Best Damn Beer Shop & West Coaster at Downtown Johnny Browns (Inside Civic Center Downtown San Diego). Get your tix while you can, limited space & price goes up. RSVP Required. This tasting will be one for the books!

Also, West Coaster IPA will re-launch on tap & cask brewed by Hess Brewing. tapping will be at 7pm for pint purchases.

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HERE IS THE BOTTLE LIST: More will added & of course there will be a Secret Keg :)

1)The Bruery Black Tuesday
Fifty Fifty Eclipse Four Roses Bourbon
Fifty Fifty Eclipse Brandy Blend
Cantillon Kriek 2008
Avery Immitis Aged in Zinfindel Barrels
Avery Rumpkin Aged in Rum Barrels
Black Diamond Grand Cru Brandy Barrels
Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred
Deschutes Abyss 2010, 2011
Uinta Cockeyed Cooper Barleywine Aged in Bourbon 2010
Alpine Ichabod Pumpkin White & Red Wine Barrels 2009
Iron Fist The Resistance Aged in Chardonnay Barrels
Firestone 14th
Firestone 15th
15)Anchorage Tide and Its Takers Triple Aged Chard Chard

Deschutes Black Butte 2011
Deschutes Dissadent 2010
Cantillon Iris 2007
Mikkeller Nelson Souvignon Brut SOUR
Mikkeller Chipotle Chocolate Porter
Nebraska Hop God Belgian Style IPA Aged Chard Barrels
Nebraska Black Betty Imperial Stout Aged Whiskey
North Coast Russian Imperial Stout Aged Bourbon Barrels 2009
North Coast Old Stock 2009 Cellar Reserve Aged Bourbon Barrels
The Bruery Cuir
The Bruery Marron Acidfie
Fifty Fifty Eclipse Evan William Barrels 2010
Firestone Abacus 2011
30)Marin Old Dipsea bourbon Barleywine 2009

31)Firestone Parabola 2010, 2011
Anchorage Bitter Monk Belgian Style IPA Aged Chard Barrels
Anchorage Love Buzz Saison Barrel aged in Pinot Noir
The Bruery Melange #3
Allagash Interlude 2009 Barrel Aged in Pinot Noir
Allagash Confluence dry hopped sour
Allagash Victor Ale Brewed With Grapes
North Coast Grand Cru Nectar Agave Aged Bourbon
Ale Smith Wee Heavy Bourbon Barrels
Port Brewing Santa’s Little Helper bourbon aged 2010
Port Brewing Older Viscosity
Fifty Fifty Eclipse Elijah Craig 12 yr Barrels
44)Fifty Fifty Eclipse Elijah Craig 20 yr barrels

45)Xyauyu Silver 2006 Barleywine
Lost Abbey Angels Share Bourbon 09,10,11
Lost Abbey Angels Share Brandy 09,10,11
Goose Island Bourbon County Imperial Stout 2010
New Belgium Le Terroir Aged in Wooden Oak Barrels
New Belgium La Folie French Oak Barrels 2011
Lost Abbey Deliverance
Lost Abbey Cuvee De Tomme 2012
Fifty Fifty Eclipse Grand Cru Brewmasters blend
Fifty Fifty Eclipse Rittenhouse Rye
Cantillon Rose De Grambinus 2010
Hanger 24 Pugachev’s Cobra Barrel Roll #3 Bourbon Imperial Stout
The Bruery Coton
58)Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze 08


Cost: $55


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