Dark Lord Day 2012


Darklord Day 2012 will be on Saturday, April 28th. If you are planning on attending, we have a few suggestions (and some firm rules).

A ticket will be required for entry to Darklord Day. Please do not make travel plans until you have a ticket. Ticket sales will be announced soon.

Once again, the Munster Police Department will enforce traffic flow and loitering (again, no RVs will be allowed in the industrial Park).

Darklord Day is a 21 and over event.

Pets will not be permitted.

Coolers, furniture, tents, grills etc… will not be permitted. If you want to bring a couple beers to trade or sample, that’s great within reason.

Parking is not provided by the brewery. Please carpool and designate a driver.

Darklord day is cash only. ATMs will be available on site.

Please respect our town and neighbors. We want to continue to hold a safe and fun event in the years to come and we can only do it with your help.

Please follow us on our blog, Facebook or Twitter for the latest info as we release it.


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HighWine 4/14/2012
Any shuttles to/from Chicago bars/breweries?

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