Firken Fest 2012


March 24th, The Happy Gnome’s parking lot, a heated tent filled with beer…Firkin Fest returns.

The Happy Gnome is planning on 60 plus firkins again with a wide variety of styles & flavors. Over 30 breweries will fill firkins for the festival! Firkin “juice” is cask conditioned ale, meaning the carbonation in the beer comes from the secondary fermentation, which takes place inside the firkin. Firkins require great care and this festival is meant to showcase the complexity and versatility of cask conditioned ale. The brewers take extra time to create these firkins for the fest, and we are proud to support them in their craft beer expertise. We purchase every firkin that is poured at Firkin Fest, and we thank the breweries for their commitment to creating unique cask conditioned ale for the festival.

Last year we had too many people, could not move the lines fast enough, and the tent was too full. This year we have reduced the number of tickets by 30%, have changed our ticket vendor to speed the check in process, and are increasing the price of tickets (from $35 to $50 with the $5 processing fee is included in the ticket price). The Happy Gnome is donating the proceeds from Firkin Fest to Habitat for Humanity…so now you can enjoy Firkin Fest knowing The Happy Gnome is supporting a charity active in our communities. We know the increase in ticket price will make some of you unhappy, but this festival is truly about the beer and giving back to the craft beer community and our community.

We also will be moving the entrance for Firkin Fest to our MacKubin parking lot entrance, which will have more space for additional lines to move people into Firkin Fest faster.

Tent opens at 1pm and we hope to have all the firkin juice gone by 5pm.

As always, we have as much beer as is in the firkins…first come, first serve. Firkin Fest is a tasting event, where you can come and learn about the brewer’s intention for the beer, so please come and enjoy these unique one of a kind beers. Your ticket includes entrance to the festival, a taster glass, and as many samples of the cask-conditioned ale as you would like to imbibe until the last drop is gone.
There will be food available for purchase on our patio.

We are using tempo tickets this year, so please follow the link below to purchase your tickets. No Refunds are issued for tickets purchased. The fest will be held regardless of weather. (This is an outdoor tent fest, so dress appropriately)
We do have a limited number of VIP tickets to allow people early access to talk to the brewers, brewery representatives, and distributors who will be at the Festival. VIPs will be allowed entrance starting at noon.

MUST BE 21+ to ENTER Firkin Fest.

Cost: $50

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