Campground Brewdown


So as some of you may know, this past November I bought a campground located along the beautiful Penn’s Creek here in PA. So I thought, what better way to enjoy this little kingdom than throwing a kick-ass weekend-long beer extravaganza that will gather together all of my beer loving circles of friends in one place to relax, kick back, and enjoy some great beers. Think Belgium comes to Cooperstown (without the $100+ ticket) meets RateBeer Shenandoah Throwdown meets ginormous beer tasting. The PA Alers Homebrew Club, Ratebeer, Beer Advocate, nearby brewpub locals, whatever your connection to great beer is, this is the chance to get together and enjoy some beers with like minded folks while getting a bit of nature.

Bonfires, tubing, fishing (with pa licence), hiking, horseshoes, quoits, music, kayaking, or just relaxing and getting away from it all for a weekend.

Kid, family, and well behaved pet friendly. NO underage drinking under any circumstances.

We have plenty of sites with water, sewer, and electric for those with campers as well as lots of space for tents. I will probably ask for a small donation (~$5 a head for tenters, ~$10 a head for RVs) just to off-set for electricity and what not, but the real cost of admission is the usual for this type of event, plenty of beer to share.

Fire off a private message if you have any questions. It’s camping and beer, what could be better?

Planning is just beginning for this, but I wanted to get the date out there so it is on your radar. The idea is for this to become an annual event, so come on out for the first of many!



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Immy 5/21/2013
Are non-Ratebeerians cool? I have a friend who would love to attend.
cquiroga 8/15/2012
I want to go to this. Maybe next time.
GT 7/28/2012
MaxxDaddy 7/19/2012
dmac 7/18/2012
There is now less then a month to go, let’s start getting excited people!!!!!
jercraigs 4/13/2012
Definitely thinking about coming down for this one.
kramer 4/7/2012
Immy: Yep, non-RBers are welcome as well if they are friends of yours. It's not an 'RB' event, just a people who like good beer event.
beastiefan2k 4/2/2012
Just saw this, going to see if I can make it out.
orangesol 2/26/2012
lol I will have to start working on my wood knocking skills for the squatch hunt
Drake 2/25/2012
I own no camping equipment currently but I don't mind passing out in the back seat of my car. I'll see if I can make it.
brewstein77 2/20/2012
I will go only if we can go squatchingg!
rudolf 2/18/2012
Really hoping I can make it out for this!
bierkitty 2/17/2012
I'm there!

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