BeerNerdz and Eclipse Chocolat Truffle and Craft Beer Pairing


The Pairing

Come join BeerNerdz and Eclipse Chocolat for a unique truffle and craft beer pairing. Enjoy the amazing and creative truffles from Eclipse Chocolat as BeerNerdz pairs them with a beer that best compliments their flavor profile. San Diego breweries will be featured as well as some international favorites. There’s even going to be a beer infused truffle featuring a San Diego brewery made specially for the tasting!

Event includes 5 truffles appropriatley paired with a local or international beer, a menu listing the pairings with a notes section and tips on how to taste truffles and beer.

Two seating will be offered. 6-7pm and 7:30-8:30pm. Featured truffles will be available for purchase after the tasting to replicate the event at home!

Cost: $25


Eric B
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