Houblonneries 2012


You just can not wait until the Mondial de la Bière to enjoy these few good liquids, along with those who brew?
The festival "The Houblonneries", great beer tasting 100% Quebec, could quench your thirst!

This event, which is already in its 14th year, is organized every year by students of the Ecole Polytechnique. It will house a dozen microbreweries in order to show you their products. In addition, it will be possible to decorate these few glasses of a good sausage sauerkraut!

The goal is not to make profit, but to discover the richness of Québec know-how, the entrance of the event will be priced at a dollar for that day, and the price of beer tasting will vary between $ 0.50 and $ 3.00. This is possible thanks to partners Houblonneries.

Cost: $1
http://houblonneries.aep.polymtl.ca/ (french only)

mailto:[email protected]


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