Free Beer Week 2013


Free beer week. This is the third annual event of generosity, team spirit and gaming.

For those of you holding contests the expectation is that you ship your free beer no-later-than 60 days after the close of the contest. If you can’t agree to this, don’t post a contest.

Link to 2012 event

Link to 2013 event

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StFun 3/3/2013
BeerBoutique 3/3/2013
New to the site, How do you participate in this? I'd like to give beer away to people from the UK.
ksurkin 11/27/2012
there were only about 25 contests in year 1. 94 contests in year 2. 100 is easy. we should be able to hit 150 this year. can’t believe what i started, haha.
TheHOFF43 11/9/2012
Relatively new to this site, would love to participate. Does it get posted in the forums or does someone run the deal?
Atom 3/14/2012
@mtjoesph, let me buy you a Cucapá Obscura, sir.
StefanSD 3/14/2012
I agree with tyler, 100 contests ought to be do-able.
mtjoseph 3/14/2012
@tytoanderso And Atom attempted to win all of them.
tyler_mn 3/14/2012
According to Stefan’s google doc, there were 94 free beer contests in 2012.

Let’s try to top 100 in 2013!!!

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