White Horse ’Over the Hop’ beer festival


The beers on offer over the weekend will be some of the very best examples of Hoppy beer styles ranging from Pale ales to IPAs,
Best bitters and even some heavily hopped Darker Ales. 
Over 50 brews from large and small family, regional and microbrewers alike will feature in the White Horse’s festival line-up – with such names as Redemption, Darkstar, Summer Wine, Otley, Hammerpot, Downton and Magic Rock all being represented, brews from some of which for the first time ever at the White Horse.
Weather permitting the ever-popular BBQ will be fired up, and as expected from The White Horse, the beer quaffing will be accompanied by live music from Steve Morrison’s blues outfit on the Sunday evening.
On the evening of Tuesday April 10th, we will be showcasing a six-course beer & canapé tasting with celebrated beer writer Melissa Cole, contact [email protected] for more information and to book a place.



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