BeerNerdz Artisan Cheese and Craft Beer Pairing


Come join BeerNerdz and Cueva Bar for an artisan cheese and craft beer pairing. Chef Oz from Cueva Bar will add a few twists to some delicious hand selected cheeses while BeerNerdz pairs them with a beer that best complements their flavor profile.

As always, San Diego breweries will be featured, as well as some extraordinary international breweries. A wide range of pairings will be featured, from a sweet dessert cheese to a strong, bold flavored cheese. The beer selections will run the gamut as well. It is sure to be an eye opening experience highlighting the amazing ability craft beer has to harmonize with artisanal cheeses!

Sign up by Friday, April 13th and SAVE!

Space is limited to 28 guests.

If you’ve been on the fence about diving into a craft beer event this may be the one to open up a whole new world to you! We all know how wonderful cheese is. Beer and cheese together?? Come find out what a perfect match these two farmhouse crafts can create.


Eric B
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